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Grass-Fed Beef Sirloin Steak

0.3 kg

Looking for a more budget friendly alternative to fillet? Our certified grass-fed SIRLOIN steaks are on the leaner side with very little connective tissue between the fine-grained muscle fibres, however they have a good degree of marbling and a nice strip of fat towards the edge of the steak which contributes to a deliciously moist and flavourful steak.  

The attraction of truly veld reared, grass-fed beef is in it's health benefits and superb farm fresh quality. To put it simply our beef is a healthier option, you can see and taste the difference. 

There are absolutely no antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones given to the cattle, and no preservatives in the beef, which produces healthier, better-tasting beef. Our beef is completely traceable which is a necessity to sustainability.

Regenerative, ethical farming at its best!

Weight per steak: +/- 300g