Grass fed beef ribeye on the bone

Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye on the Bone

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Ribeye on the Bone, Tomahawk Steak, Beef Lollypop, call it what you like. One thing is for sure, this cut of meat is really impressive and makes for a great presentation to impress family and friends. These steaks are thick cut and have abundant marbling making it one of our bestsellers!

The attraction of truly veld reared, grass-fed beef is in it's health benefits and superb farm fresh quality. To put it simply our beef is a healthier option, you can see and taste the difference. 

There are absolutely no antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones given to the cattle, and no preservatives in the beef, which produces healthier, better-tasting beef. Our beef is completely traceable which is a necessity to sustainability.

Regenerative, ethical farming at its best!

Weight per steak: +/- 1kg

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