Pieter and Koot Prinsloo are established cattle ranchers in the Queenstown district of the Eastern Cape. Langside is audited and registered by SAMIC as Grass Fed Beef Producers under the GFASA protocols.
They refer to their animals as Veld Reared, meaning they graze on natural veld with very limited supplementation. Salt and Phosphate in the summer and Molasses, Urea, Phosphate and Salt in the winter. NO GRAINS OR STARCH IS FED TO THE ANIMALS. The animals have 6 Hectares each per year to graze on per annum, equivalent to 12 rugby fields. 
They do not farm with a specific breed, but rather with well adapted animals. Mostly they refer to their cattle as Beefmaster types. The ideal animal is 1/3 Indicus (Brahman or Boran cattle that is adapted to harsh climate and is hardy to resist disease) and 2/3 Taurus (mostly European breeds like Angus, Sussex and Hereford that have great meat to bone ratio and helps with tenderness and marbling). 
NB! - Orders for grass fed beef closes on Monday (8 March 2021) @ 8:00AM for delivery on Friday 12 March 2021 & 13 March February 2021 (JHB) and Saturday 13 March 2021 (PTA)
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