Pure Veldt Eggs

Our hens follow the cattle grazing our sweet Kalahari bushveld as an integral part of our Regenerative farming approach. Their diet of insects and grass are supplemented with our special Non-GMO feed. As they are moved to fresh pasture daily, they improve the veldt by fertilizing and healing the soil, all while producing these wonderful nutrient-dense eggs inside this box!

Our Pure Veldt Promise:
Growth hormone free
No Antibiotics
No Colourants
Soy  and GMO Free

NB! - Orders for Pasture Raised Eggs closes on Monday (18 January 2021) @ 8:00AM for delivery on Friday 22 January 2021 & Saturday 23 January 2021 (JHB) and Saturday 23 January 2021 (PTA)

Please note that if we do not get a certain number of orders for the eggs, delivery from the farm will not be able to take place. We will then refund you the amount, exchange for another product you prefer, or credit you for that amount.

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