Our A-Class Free State lambs are our original 'Lamb in a Box' lambs, the extreme tenderness and deliciousness of these lambs initially prompted us to start our small company! These lambs are not free range. We are proud to have been able to share these lambs with our customers in Gauteng for over two years and will continue to do so.
These lambs are sourced from various farmers in parts of the Northern and Eastern Free State but do get extra feed when rounding them off. They are packed with nutrients such as a bio-available form of iron called "heme iron", high biological value complete proteins that contain all 9 essential amino acids, magnesium and zinc to name a few and lets not forget the incredible unique flavour.
NB! - Orders for Free State Lamb closes on Monday (8 March 2021) @ 8:00AM for delivery on Friday 12 March 2021 & 13 March February 2021 (JHB) and Saturday 13 March 2021 (PTA)
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