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What Carnivore Diet has done for my Health

Carnivore Lifestyle Diet - (by one of our clients)

In 2014, I weighed over 100kg, was pre-diabetic and had almost suffered a heart attack. My kids were just 2 years
old, and I was warned that I wouldn’t live to see them grow up if I continued with my current unhealthy lifestyle. This
included eating mainly refined carbohydrates and a large amount of sugary foods and snacks. I lived on tramezzini’s,
pizza, toasted sandwiches and other carb-loaded foods. At the time, I had developed insulin resistance and
metabolic syndrome, which would lead to Type 2 diabetes. I was very close to needing insulin medication.

Then, during 2014, I slowly began to reduce carbs, and dropped all the sugars and carbohydrates I could manage at
the time. I lost about 15kg during that year alone. I then slowly began exercising late in 2014, which further helped
me lose more weight.

In early 2015, I discovered Low Carb / High Fat (LCHF) diet, which included coconut oil, green vegetables, avo, olives,
cheese, nut butters, nuts, etc, and my weight and body fat percentage continued to fall. I gave up most carbs and sugar, but still continued eating some vegetables and salad greens.

I continued on a Low Carb / High Fat (LCHF) diet until around mid-2017, where I reduced my weight to around 70kg, and my body fat % reduced to around 12%, from approximately 35%. I steadily maintained a weight of
approximately 70kg, living on a ketogenic diet which is basically very strict Low Carb / High Fat (LCHF). With moderate exercise daily, my pants size reduced from 48 inches to 32 inches. However, I was still consuming low carbs and did not always feel energetic and good. I had also lost some muscle mass, besides body fat. I was struggling to manage high intensity interval training (HIIT) and my strength training was not optimal on Low Carb /High Fat (LCHF)

Then, towards the end of 2017, I discovered the Carnivore Diet. This basically involves dropping all carbs and sugar, together with fruits and veg. This is high fat / moderate protein / almost zero-carb diet. All foods consumed are
either animal products, or derived from animals. The diet or lifestyle consists of eating only animal products –nothing else. This includes beef, chicken, lamb, bacon, eggs, other meats, some full fat hard cheeses and double
thick cream, as well as organ meats if desired. Cooking with animal fats, ghee and butter is preferred over olive oil.

After thoroughly researching and following the Carnivore Diet for the last three years, and exercising regularly, I have maintained a weight of around 68kg, with further fat loss and an increase in muscle mass. My body fat percentage has dropped even lower to around 10%, and I have way more endurance, stamina and strength during and after exercise. I am genuinely energetic all the time.

The dietary emphasis has been on eating primarily 100% grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, full fat hard cheese, free-range eggs, double thick cream, and other high fat animal products. To make it more affordable, good options
include beef mince, burger patties, chicken skins, etc. From my research and experience, grass-fed and free-range products seem like the better and healthier option, based on affordability. Since I have strictly remained on
carnivore and have not consumed any type of carbohydrate, starch, sugar, vegetable or fruit in years, I have never felt better, stronger and healthier in all my years as an adult. At almost 52 years of age, I weigh 68kg, have a waist
size 32 inches, and around 10% body fat, all the way from being over 100kg, obese, and almost having died from a truly unhealthy lifestyle.

For me, carnivore is the way to go. I have totally reversed my diabetes, take no medication whatsoever, and have total control over my glucose levels which are constantly between 4 and 5. This way of life has led me to taking total control of my health.

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