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Meat The Farmer Cooking Tips

In 2014, I weighed over 100kg, was pre-diabetic and had almost suffered a heart attack. My kids were just 2 years
old, and I was warned that I wouldn’t live to see them grow up if I continued with my current unhealthy lifestyle. This
included eating mainly refined carbohydrates and a large amount of sugary foods and snacks. I lived on tramezzini’s,
pizza, toasted sandwiches and other carb-loaded foods. At the time, I had developed insulin resistance and
metabolic syndrome, which would lead to Type 2 diabetes. I was very close to needing insulin medication.

The best way to build healthy, nutrient-rich soil is to integrate animals into a regenerative farm. 

Many people are interested in the quality of the animals' lives on farms, but also a growing number of consumers are interested in the environmental impact of a cattle farm. At Meat the Farmer, we value our direct relationship with our clients and wish to stay responsive to their ethical concerns.

Have you recently purchased a beautiful farm-fresh, free range chicken? Want to impress your family and friends with the perfect roast chicken meal? Follow these simple cooking guidelines and tips for a fail-proof chicken roast that will have your guests begging for more!